Piano & Specialty Moving

Special or unique items? Yes, we move them.

Arms of Steel are equipped with the knowledge and methods to move even the most special items. They know how to make the extra arrangements to prepare for packing and transporting.

Piano Moves

For uprights and vintage spinets, Atlas piano movers are trained in the proper handling and equipment. How does Atlas move a piano? The appropriate dolly and pad wrapping is used to protect each instrument and delicate finishes. We make sure the floor is protected before we roll out or in. A padded piano moving board allows us to safely carry the piano case, including up and down stairways. Inside the trailer, we secure the piano with straps to minimize shifting. For concert grand pianos, a special Atlas crew or partner is required to remove and reassemble legs, pedals, lid, and music rack before and after transport.

Pool Table Moves

 Your Arms of Steel Mover can assess your pool or billiards table, and know when to call in the experts. A proper move and packing requires detaching the frame, slate, pockets, felt, and table legs. Reassembly is only handled by the experts.

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Moving Tips

Moving is a perfect time to “reduce your inventory.” Before packing, sort through your belongings into three categories: KEEP, DONATE and TOSS. Sorting through years of accumulation can be overwhelming-contact us for additional tips and resources to help with this daunting task!

Organization is Priority One–box and label your belongings by room (i.e.-bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.) Be sure to mark boxes of fragile items with large writing on all sides. For more complicated moves, color-coordinating and numbering are helpful, as well.

Newly refinished floors or new carpets? No problem! Let us know in advance so we can come prepared with proper protection.

You can enlist TOGM’s help with securing a street occupancy permit for the moving truck (or you can get it yourself at City Hall or your town office). This allows us to tow cars from the designated area on moving day–ensuring space for the truck. If your building has a loading dock/ area and freight elevator, it is YOUR responsibility to reserve these for moving day.

It is ideal to pack TVs, stereo components and small appliances in their original boxes–this guarantees a sure fit and smooth transport. Didn’t keep the boxes? Amazon.com or Home Depot are good resources for boxes of all shapes and sizes.

Moving can be stressful and confusing to young children and pets. To cut down on commotion, make arrangements for children to stay with family or a sitter during the move. Pets should also be secured in a bathroom, crate, or yard.

Do your part–PREPARATION is the key to staying on budget! Disassembling furniture, boxing all miscellaneous items, and having everything ready when the crew arrives will help ensure an efficient move.